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At Living Rich on a budget with Lakesha Rose, our mission is to teach, share and inspire women to enjoy a life rich in design, style, culinary expression and exciting travel experiences.It is Lakesha’s passionate belief, that it is our experiences, influences and inspirations that energize our day to day and motivate us to transform our dreams into reality — it is quality, not quantity that enriches our daily lives. As women, we need to nurture one another and share the tools and experiences that build our confidence and inspire us to act on our dreams and aspirations.



“Growing up we weren’t rich, but my family provided me with strong support, and encouraged me to act on my aspirations. One of my fondest memories, is of hosting my first dinner party at the age of 15 in the family was quite an elegant affair complete with cloth napkins that I bought with my allowance. Stories of my grandmother‘s legendary cooking inspired my culinary curiosity, igniting my love for entertaining, decorating, and seeking out richer experiences in life.” as a cook, Lakesha has traveled across four continents studying local cuisine while attending cooking schools in France and Italy. She has been featured on Windy City Live, WGN, CLTV, CBS LA, KCAL 9, Walmart commercial, ABC7 and guest co-hosted You and Me This Morning in Chicago. Giving terrific ideas and tips on cooking, entertaining and interior design. Lakesha also writes as a weekly contributor for Cheeky Chicago online.





Lakesha is a 7 year volunteer at Common Threads where she helps teach children’s cooking classes with an emphasis on creating enhanced cultural experiences that build social confidence. She is Honorary Chair of Almost Home Kids, a proud recipient of a 2013 Changing Worlds Humanitarian Award and annual “MC” at the Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control Event. Lakesha Rose is also the founder of L Design Group a lifestyle design company and resides in Chicago with her husband,legendary Chicago Sports Broadcaster, Jim Rose and their dog Petey.


“Live Rich on any budget”


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